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7 Reasons Why 1,000's Are Gifting The 'I Am Enough' Ring to Their Daughter This Year

1,200+ 5-Star Reviews

1,200+ 5-Star Reviews

"My daughter doesn't have her dad around anymore and I got her this ring to remind her she's enough just the way she is... and no one can ever take that away. She hasn't taken her ring off since I got it for her." - Molly W. verified buyer

1. A Symbol Of Your Daughter's Inner-Strength

This isn't just a ring... it's a powerful symbol of self-love and self-acceptance. Whenever your daughter glances down at her SelfLove™ 'I Am Enough' Ring, she's reminded that no matter her flaws, strengths, or weaknesses, she is enough and worthy of all good things coming her way.

Celebrate her value and strength with an elegant ring that reminds her everyday SHE IS ENOUGH.

2. Your Daughter's Daily Reminder... She'll Never Forget

Whatever obstacle life throws in your daughter's way, she'll be reminded of this powerful symbol of her worth and resilience. Never again will she forget SHE IS ENOUGH to take on life's most difficult challenges.

In her darkest times, when everything seems to go wrong, your daughter will have this special affirmation by her side when she'll need it most.

3. Crafted From Pure 925 Sterling Silver - Tarnish Free

The SelfLove™ 'I Am Enough' Ring is made from pure 925 Sterling Silver, which means it won't turn green or discolor overtime. The SelfLove™ 'I Am Enough' is guaranteed to last.

And our Gold SelfLove™ 'I Am Enough' Ring is crafted from 925 sterling silver and plated in 18k gold. We take pride in our high-quality, durable materials.

4. Fully Adjustable to Fit Any Finger

The SelfLove™ “I Am Enough” ring’s open loop design makes it fully adjustable so it's guaranteed to fit any finger you put it on.

No more worrying what size ring to get your daughter... we've taken care of that for you.

5. 99-Day Risk Free Trial

Not sure if your daughter will love the SelfLove™ 'I Am Enough' Ring? We're sure she will, but if she doesn't, just contact us within 99-days of your order and send it back for a full refund.

We wholeheartedly believe in the transformative power of the SelfLove™ “I Am Enough” ring, so you'll have 99-days to try it out... knowing you have our full support.

6. A Meaningful and Thoughtful Gift for Your Daughter

The SelfLove™ 'I Am Enough' Ring shows your daughter you see her strength and worth. 

It shows your belief in your daughter's ability to overcome life's challenges... this isn't just a piece of jewelry, but a symbol of your love, support and belief in your daughter's journey.

7. Join A Growing Community Of People Who've Reclaimed Their Self-Worth

With over 1,200 5-Star Reviews, the SelfLove™ 'I Am Enough' Ring has impacted more lives than we ever could've imagined. 

This simple affirmation has helped thousands of daughters gain back their love and acceptance. Join the other thousands of women who’ve reclaimed their self-worth and self-love. We’re here for you.

Raved About by Women Across the World With Over 1,200+ 5-Star Reviews


"I ordered this ring as it happens to be the positive affirmation my counsellor gave me to say, and to have a constant reminder of it with me is perfect! I love the design and the fact it's adjustable is great too. I haven't taken it off since I got it so I think it's safe to say I love it!!" - Katy P.


"I got this ring to remind myself not to listen to others that may try to tear me down. My friend has a tattoo that says the same thing and this ring was less expensive and easy less pain than that... lol.i love it!" - Megan W.


"I am recently divorced. I bought this ring in preparation for my final divorce hearing, as I knew after the hearing, everything would be really truly final and I was scared to death to take my wedding ring off. So I bought this ring to put on my ring finger, to remind myself that I am truly enough, even all on my own. And that I'm going to be ok, better than ok, in fact. I couldn't be happier with my decision to purchase this piece of jewelry to help me mend a broken heart and finally become the best version of myself" - Michelle S.

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