About Us

The Oak & Taylor Vision

Beauty, Power, And Self Love

Oak & Taylor was brought to life in 2019 to celebrate the power of Self Love. Each of our pieces starts with a special message we want to get out to the world. Whether it’s self love, resilience, beauty, or confidence, we memorialize each of these messages in our beautiful pieces of jewelry.

Today, we empower our customers to embrace their strength with affordable, high-quality jewelry inspired by your beauty, confidence, and love.

Premium Quality

You deserve nothing less than perfection. And so, strict quality standards are maintained throughout our entire process. From sourcing our materials to casting and setting every last stone, we make sure that our jewelry is made to last.

Our commitment to perfection doesn't stop there. Our team's close attention to detail ensures the jewelry you receive will stay sparkling and beautiful for years to come.

Ethical Design

Oak & Taylor pieces are thoughtfully designed and just for you. Their journey starts with premium materials: the ethically sourced gold, silver, and gems used to create our collections.

But that's not all. The fine, high-quality pieces you love so much are available thanks to people's hard work. That's why our suppliers are carefully vetted - to ensure they adhere to our code of conduct and fair labor practices, provide a safe working environment, and manage their environmental and social impact.