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Size Chart

Our ComfyCozy™ Tights are incredibly stretchy, so we recommend sizing according to your weight.

Original Size: 88lbs-140lbs

Plus SIze: 140lbs - 210lbs

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Maggie M.

Thank you Comfycozy! They're so warm and comfortable. I got the Original size and they fit perfectly and I'm 5'4 110lbs. They're so soft and keep me so warm when I want to wear skirts or oversized sweaters. Will for sure be buying more in the future.

Sammy P.

I got the Plus Size and don't regret it. They fit me well since they're so stretchy. The coffee color also looks great on me. I want to try getting the black next time as well

Jessica O.

Glad I stumbled across their ad on Tiktok. This fleece lined tights are something else I'm telling yall. so warm and cozy in the inside yet they look like real skin from the outside

Maggie H.

They took around 8 days after it shipped but it's so worth the wait! I immediately tried on both pairs (black, coffee) and was stunned by how warm and comfy these leggings are. They are long leg friendly, and the fleece inside is SO soft. You can FEEL the quality! The ultimate test was to put on my favorite skirt and go outside in the 20°F weather. I have to say they're not like completely impenetrable from the cold but it does feel like your wearing a nice comfy pair of thermals which is perfect. 😁😁😁 

(Btw plz don't try to get these from Amazon, you will be disappointed lol. I tried)

Lucy T.

Thank you so much! I was skeptical about ordering these for obvious reasons (not getting shipped, not fitting, bad quality...) My doubts were wrong. this purchase might be the best one for winter so far! hehe

Alexis A.

Finally, I grabbed a plus-sized to compliment my figure, and now I can wear my fav skirts in the winter without freezing. They're so warm and cozy from the inside, you barely feel any cold from the outside. Will definitely order more for my mom and sisters.